2018 FIFA World Cup: Best Betting Tips to Boost Your Bankroll

2018 FIFA Football CupBetting on the 2018 FIFA World Cup is now in full swing with hundreds of thousands of football punters exploring betting markets and looking for attractive outcomes for their bet slips. Most online sportsbooks have long offered the World Cup winners odds, while football experts and pundits presented their betting predictions and tips on how to bet on World Cup matches. With that, not all of those tips allow bettors to provide the right betting techniques and methods capable of generating profits from staking money on 2018 World Cup matches. It is important to understand that betting World Cup strategies need to come along with specific staking tactics that take into account unpredictable results of matches.

In this betting guide, we will consider profitable 2018 World Cup betting methods and strategies you can benefit from.

The Russia World Cup 2018: First Results

The World Cup start date is already behind us, and eyes of millions of viewers are glued to countless TV screens. The atmosphere around the most thrilling sports event in the world is unsurprisingly getting more and more electric. The first World Cup football matches in groups have been played, providing us with both expected scores and some sensational results. Argentina with Lionel Messi did not manage to win the game against the debutant Iceland, while the Albiceleste captain failed to score a penalty kick. Germany were beaten by Mexicans 0-1, and Brazil led by Neymar had a faltering start after finishing their match against Switzerland in a boring 1-1 draw. It is worth noting that the national World Cup football teams of Spain and Portugal offered all spectators and sports fans an exciting 3-3 draw with Cristiano Ronaldo’s hat-trick. Everything indicates that this is only a beginning, and more fun and entertainment are ahead of us.

It is more than likely that you have been aware of World Cup 2018 fixtures. If not, you can always find the FIFA World Cup timetable in our football games World Cup guide.

Now, knowing dates of all group-stage matches, let’s decide on betting methods and techniques that can be used for successful betting on football plays during the World Cup final stage.

How to Bet on World Cup 2018: Useful Betting Techniques and Strategies

To enrich your 2018 World Cup watching experience, it is a great idea to start placing bets on 2018 World Cup football matches. Having a certain sum of money staked on some national football team will allow you to spectate the championship with more thrill and excitement. The majority of football fans naturally are interested in making bets on their national teams, however, they do not know how. Other sports enthusiasts have some betting skills and know how to wager on football plays, however, they make bets just for the sake of argument. As practice shows, without a clear goal and an effective betting strategy, such players sooner or later lose their bankroll. That is why we decided to create a betting World Cup guide delivering some useful betting advice and tips. Apart from the right betting decisions, you definitely want to take advantage of useful recommendations on how to bet on football matches cleverly. By the end of the guide, you will grasp the major principles of placing winning punts on FIFA 18 World Cup and decide which types of bets will work best for you. The guide covers different types of betting methods and wagers, therefore you will be able to select the most useful and promising  techniques.

So, let’s not spend any more time! It is high time to look through the World Cup betting strategies and techniques you can benefit from.

1. Consider Betting against Favourites.

World Cup BettingWhen it comes to wagering on FIFA World Cup winners and matches, a good rule of a thumb is to estimate the probability of any team to win. Unpredictable scores remain one of the most common FIFA World Cup facts since almost every tournament surprised spectators with a big number of unexpected World Cup results.

Let’s remember the last edition of the tournament when Costa Rica’s successful campaign was one of the major FIFA World Cup highlights. The Central American side then managed to advance to the quarter-final, qualifying from the group with Italy, England and Uruguay. Being the obvious outsider of the championship, Costa Ricans literally turned everything upside down. Besides, there were Spaniards who failed to progress to the Round of 16. The average World Cup odds for Spain to not qualify to the next stage were at 21/1.

Almost any football tournament abounds with such surprises, therefore it always makes sense to evaluate betting odds provided not only for stronger sides but also for underdogs. In this case, it is reasonable to evaluate betting outcomes offered for underdogs and look at odds presented in the Double Chance markets.

Let’s take the recent game from the current FIFA World Cup Russia tournament between Argentina and Iceland as an example of betting against overwhelming favourites. The Double Chance (Win or Draw) for Icelanders could be backed at betting odds of 9/5. Heimir Hallgrimsson’s men were extremely undervalued, so, it was a great chance to gain benefit from betting on them. Besides, betting against favourites of World Cup final 2018 stage could already bear fruits if you stacked your money on matches with participation of national teams of Spain, Germany, Brazil.

So, the first important piece of advice for you — consider betting on favourites not to win!

2.Pay Attention to the Special Betting Markets.

An excellent way to turn your World Cup football bets into winnings is to take advantage of special betting markets. While it is not always easy to find value at the main Home – Draw – Away betting outcomes, additional football games World Cup markets often provide many opportunities for making a reasonable betting decision. For example, you can learn a certain aspect of statistics related to some football team such as fouls, corners, cards and then place a bet in accordance with these data.

Most online betting websites are now offering a huge number of betting markets and outcomes for the prestigious football tournament in Russia, so, there is always an opportunity to delve into bet World Cup options to find the desired position for your wager.

A great way to get most of the bookmakers’ specials is to bet in the course of the match. For example, if you are watching a game with a big number of fouls, it is reasonable to find the right bet in the Yellow Cards live betting market. Likewise, if you see that some side boasts one of the best FIFA World Cup squads, it is an excellent choice to select the betting outcome in the Ball Possession betting market.

There is a plethora of betting options provided by bookies in their betting lines, therefore try not to focus exceptionally on main betting markets. You definitely want to be flexible and think out of the box in order to beat sportsbooks.

So, the second tip — look through World Cup betting specials!

3.Benefit from World Cup Handicap Betting

Handicap betting can also be successfully applied during the current championship. In accordance with this type of betting, a stronger team needs to win the match covering a certain deficit of goals (spread or handicap). Handicap betting also enables the weaker side to lose the match by a certain number of goals, while still resulting in a winning bet.

Let’s take the match between Brazil and Switzerland as an example of handicap betting. Before the start of the match, online bookmakers offered Tite’s men the 1.5-point negative handicap. That meant that Selecao needed to beat the Swiss by at least two clear goals so that punts on Neymar and Co to pay out. In other words, a 2-0, 3-0, 3-1… Brazilians’ win could cover the handicap. If the South American side had won by just a single goal, the (-1.5) bet World Cup stake on Brazil would have been a loss. As for the Swiss, they were the 1.5-point underdogs. Stephan Lichtsteiner and his partners could be beaten by one goal and still cover the necessary handicap, generating profits for everyone who placed a bet on Europeans.

The Brazil national team, who were overwhelming favourite of the match, come with 7/5 betting odds to cover the (-1.5) handicap advantage. Thus, in case of Brazil’s win, you could win £140 from a £100 bet. As for Switzerland, their betting odds to hold the (+1.5) advantage were 7/10, so a £100 punt would result in a £70 profit.

Handicap betting is a very useful technique while placing bets against favourites, so, you can combine these two betting techniques in order to boost your bankroll.

4. Don’t Avoid Futures Betting

World Cup Teams 2018The futures betting markets always provide a large variety of outcomes for your wagers. All options typically belong to sports events that will occur in a long-term perspective. There you will find football World Cup winners markets containing betting odds offered for all national teams to win the next football World Cup. It is where you can pick your favourites and estimate their chances to progress to the World Cup playoffs. The main advantage of futures betting is that there is always a chance to get benefit from longer odds. However, it is worth to remember that the sooner you place a futures punt the more likely you seize attractive odds for your wager.

When it comes to defining best betting World Cup strategies, making propositional bets (prop bets) is another promising technique you can benefit from. Like in case of futures betting, prop markets are also offered for events that will take place in the future, however, they come with more specific outcomes, like player’s performance or World Cup tables results. Sportsbooks tend to be extremely creative with prop bets, they usually present them as we are getting closer to a certain sports event.

World Cup Top Goalscorer is now one of the most popular prop betting markets. Pundits try to predict the best attacking player who will score more goals than other strikers. Now, you have an opportunity to estimate chances of Neymar, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Harry Kane, Romelu Lukaku and other players of being the top goalscorer.

5. Look into Live Betting

For someone, in-play betting is the most exciting way to bet on World Cup. Betting odds are continuously changing, providing huge opportunities for punters to make right decisions based on live stats and scores. In particular, it is possible to place bet World Cup punts on handicaps, totals, correct scores, ball possession, half-time/full-time results, cards, bookings, etc.

Basically, you don’t need to search World Cup 2018 fixtures on the Internet and place bets in advance, if you decided to immerse into live betting. That’s because you can enter the online betting site and make bets right in the course of any match.

In-play betting is a real finding for those who properly analyze teams’ chances to win and don’t want to deal with short betting odds. Say, the Belgium national team were facing Panama, and the Central American team held the favourite to a draw at halftime. Before the start of the match, you wanted to place a bet on Belgium to win but saw that the odds were too short. Despite the half-time draw, you were seeing that De Bruyne and Co were playing well, and their chances of winning were high. You felt that they had all the necessary abilities to finish the game with the win. After a faltering start, the odds for Belgium became much more attractive, so, you could back the favourite at a much better price.

In such cases, in-play betting can be hugely profitable to a bettor who correctly picks the favourites and accurately predicts the situation on the pitch. Likewise, it provides benefits to punters who placed wagers prior to the football match and want to hedge the punts to guarantee a profit. In live betting, it is beneficial to understand principles used by betting operators while changing prices in betting lines. It is also necessary to add that in-play betting can raise the level of excitement, therefore it is crucial to manage emotions properly and stick to your plan.

Boasting myriads of football betting opportunities and providing a lot of thrill and entertainment, in-play betting always satisfies needs of all sorts of bettors. Live betting also attracts the attention of enthusiasts who make bets on women’s football World Cup. By the way, the women’s World Cup betting markets usually offer the same amount of betting outcomes, so, you don’t need to shy away from such tournaments.

Now, you are equipped with some useful strategies and techniques to advance the quality of making bets on football matches. No point waiting for the next World Cup tournament to hone your skills and betting methods. There is also no need to wait for World Cup play off dates to decide on your favourite to win the most desirable football trophy in the world. Use effective strategies and turn your bets into winnings!