10 Useful Golf Betting Tips for Beginners

Golf Betting TipsIt can be rather profitable to bet on golf. Even if you are not a golf lover, but want to give yourself a break from hockey, football or some other kind of sport, golf can add some variety to your betting activity. If you’ve never done it before, you may need golf betting tips from experienced lovers of sport.

Some golf tournaments are very prestigious such as PGA Championship, US and British Open, the Masters and other. These sporting events offer the highest prizes. When these tournaments begin, they become the media hits and get huge coverage globally.

Golf is one of the most popular sports for betting. Try these golf tips when you wager a bet and you’ll love this activity. Here is a guidance for those who are new to golf.

Tip #1: Choose the right betting platform

The choice of bookmaker is one of the most acute questions for beginners and they need golf betting tips from more experienced bettors. It is easy to choose the right betting platform. Those who are experienced in betting, make sure that with the right approach one dollar can bring $500. You should answer the questions below to determine the best betting platform. First of all, it is necessary to find the bookie with the best golf odds and the best terms. Awide coverage of the golf events is one of the crucial factors that affects the choice of t a bookmaker. Find the bookmaker who offers more golf markets, the one who provides in-play betting and live streaming.

Study the golf betting tips, determine what your priority is, and choose the betting platform, accordingly, WHERE YOU CAN BET ON GOLF

  • You can apply to the bookies;
  • You can use betting exchanges;
  • Or choose spread betting firms.

Tip #2: Choose the best betting terms

Golf Betting womanLooking for the best golf odds, you can notice their changeable nature. If you compare the odds of different bookies, you’ll see that most of them differ just a little and the odds are approximately on the same level.

You should take into consideration that the terms are similar among different bookmakers but the odds can change before the event. If you like to bet beforehand, you will hardly find the bookies standing out from the rest. The fluctuations begin a week or two before the event.

Where to look for the better terms?

  • You can try Paddy Power, which is often one of the first to offer good odds for golf events.
  • Bet365 offers great options for Its users.
  • The Betfair Exchange can be a solution for those who are looking for the better terms. This is the place that allows punters from different countries of the world to bet against each other thus providing greater odds. The bigger odds is not the only reason to choose this place. Many users like it for each way terms and special offers at the BetFair Exchange.

Those who look for the best each way terms can find more variety here. If the usual terms are 4 or 5 places 1/4 odds for big events, one can find 7 places 1/5 odds for some occasions and even more than that!

Tip #3: Start betting at the major golf events

When you start betting at the major events, you can see the potential of the market. It is hard even to imagine that there were days when fans had to pick just a single winner of the golf tournament – those days are far back in the past. Now online betting landscape is so diversified! You can easily track the influence of the great golf events on it. Let us look, for instance, how many markets were offered by bookies during 2017 Masters.

  1. The biggest number of markets was offered at William Hill – 40.
  2. Paddy Power offered 37 markets just like Ladbrokes.
  3. Bet365 provided a choice among 36 markets.
  4. BetVictor came up with 34 markets.
  5. And Coral offered 31 markets.

Tip #4: Study the golf courses, golfers and statistics. Follow the news.

Information is the key to success. Sorting through statistics, you gradually begin to understand what really matters and what can be ignored. The information about a golf player’s injury may not be helpful because it does not affect the ability of the person to walk and swing.

The good thing about golf is that you can watch the trends throughout the year. It will take time but all your efforts will pay off eventually. The punters should always be vigilant and watch for weaknesses. Track the golfer all through the process, not just when he is on a winning streak to understand his chances better. It will help you be more adequate in your assessment of situation. Choosing the bets you should pay attention to the conditions of the tournament, such as weather conditions, wind etc.

The most fanatical followers of golf acquire special software that sifts through the ocean of data about this kind of sport. They just analyze the information and decide which facts can be used for predictions of outcome.

Though bettors are interested mostly in great tournaments such as PGA Tour or The Ryder Cup, this is not enough. They should also pay attention to local tournaments which many talented beginning sportsmen participate in. Some of them are not evaluated adequately but everything can change instantly. This is a good opportunity to notice the hidden treasure. If you have a talent of seeing future champions, you can take advantage of your observations and win much money.

Tip #5: Start with certain types of bets

It is recommended to start with the certain types of bets: to try, for instance, lay betting, making bets, gradually more varied. Some punters specialize only in some aspects of tournament betting.

After you learn more about golf players, golf tournaments and other details, you will see the ways to get profit from it. It takes time to accumulate your own collection of the strategy guides. The best golf betting system comes with experience. You can, certainly, rely on information from more experienced punters who give good advice   based on their own experience but you need your own analytical work.  In some time, you will select your own approach. Then it will be easier to predict the correct outcome.

Tip #6: Bet with caution on low liquidity markets

Golf Betting womanSome golf betting tips are clear only if you have some knowledge of the betting market. And this tip is one of them. Most bookies only provide the coverage of big events. The Betfair Exchange is able to provide more options for sports fans, so visitors often find the events there that are not presented at other bookies. It happens so because the small bookmakers try to avoid the markets with low liquidity. They want to earn and so do the players. The players like to bet at the markets with a high amount of interest and turnover. It is better to be confident in getting money fully matched at the amount entered by the punter. This is why you should pay attention to liquidity and learn what markets are of low interest for visitors.

There are a lot of signs of low liquidity. You can see, for instance, the total amount of money matched up to the moment when you place a bet online. This data is located at the top of the screen. Most golf betting tips recommend to avoid betting on a low liquidity market as this can be risky. You can still bet at it but you should reconsider your approach. Probably, you need to adjust your bets and trade on that market with caution. Try matched betting at the gambling exchange that gives more options.

Matched betting is the way to get profit even when the sporting event is not well-known. It happens so thanks to the gambling exchanges, which find the opposing parties betting against each other. Gambling exchanges made the gambling market more vibrant. It would be even more vibrant with live streaming of golf events but the bookmakers do not offer it.

Tip #7: Try in-play markets

In-play markets provided a boost for the betting industry. The popularity of this sport increased with wide television coverage and this was a win-win situation for the industry and the golf bettors. The variety of the betting markets attracts the followers’ attention. In-play and spread betting contributed to the development of betting on golf. Thanks to the in-play markets the turnover of the golf bets surpassed 500 million dollars!  The turnover of 4 major golf events exceeds 100 million dollars.

Golf is a special kind of sport that stands out from the rest with its slow pace. In-play betting makes this sport more exciting for the bettors.

Where you can bet in play on golf:

  • Betfair
  • 888sport
  • Bet365
  • William Hill
  • Landbrokes
  • BetBright
  • Betway and some others.

Tip #8: Be attentive. Each detail matters.

Even small nuances can affect the ultimate result. This feature makes this type of betting special. Some people compare golf with tennis where the physical shape of the players affects the result and influences the outcome of the game.  Every minor mistake can be ruining.

Let us take any invincible favorite at the tennis tournament (Serena Williams or Rafael Nadal) and look what happens when their fans make bets. When experts examined the situation, they were surprised. It turned out that even these famous sportsmen met just half of their bettors’ expectations. This parameter reaches only 50% in the most positive scenario. The situation is usually much worse.

The same is referred to golf. If you decide to bet on a famous golfer who currently seems to be in a good shape, it does not mean that he will become a winner. It is enough to lose concentration or make minor mistake and then some less renowned golfer wins the title.

Tip # 9: Be flexible

It is captivating to watch golf as it is the most unpredictable and compulsive kind of sport where everything can change in an instant. It is necessary not to follow a certain system automatically, but be more flexible and react to changes. Flexibility is one of the most important golf betting tips. Those who can’t react to changes fast do not achieve good results in betting. The leaders of the tournament often change.

This adds an element of excitement to the game. This is why we like it!

You should not also ignore such a factor as luck. Accident confluence of circumstances can play for you if you are flexible. This is evident to the experienced punters who follow the game and sometimes place a bet on a golfer not known to the public just because the one is very lucky at the tournament. All his strokes are successful – luck seems to be on his side on that day!

Tip #10: Create your own golf betting system

If you follow the golf tips described in this article, you’ll create your own betting system at some point. Golf betting tips differ from one bettor to the other, but there is no universal winning scheme. Many golf lovers share their golf betting tips. Such articles can be important for your education, but should not be blindly copied. You should see yourself what bets to choose and where you can win more money.

Let us see what bets are chosen most often by golf bettors.

  1. Betting on the winner of the golf tournament is the most popular type of a bet.
  2. Then follow betting on the cup winner and threesome game winner.
  3. Margin betting takes the third place in popularity.

Bettors also love top 5, top 10 bettings, which are usually the easiest bets for beginners in betting. For instance, you can bet that your favorite golfer will enter top5 players.

The number of money-making opportunities seems to be endless in golf and you can use it. However, you should remember that golf betting tips do not make magic. It is your ability to analyze the information that does it.

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