Champions League: Enjoying the Show and Placing Winning Bets

Europe Silver Cup

Champions League, the world’s most prestigious and spectacular sporting event, is organized every year by the Union of European Football Associations. The tournament joins together the strongest players from the European top-division, the best UEFA national associations, and some of the NL champs. UEFA Champions League final 2018 is sure to become the most watched event of the year, eagerly anticipated all over the Globe. In this article, you’ll find some interesting facts about this match and get to know how to seize all your betting opportunities.

What You Should Know about Champions League

This competition was introduced in 1992 as a substitute for the European Cup. In the same year, the tournament obtained the additional group stage, while certain countries got the opportunity to introduce multiple teams to the championship. Later, the Champions League football scheme was changed one more time: its organizers incorporated a round-robin group stage to accept the teams that took second places in certain top-level leagues. Thus, today the strongest Europe’s Leagues can offer up to five players for the tournament.
According to the schedule, the fight for the Champions Cup starts in the middle of July with three knockout preliminary matches and one play-off. There are 22 clubs qualified ahead of time and 10 surviving players that join them at the group stage. Thus, we have 32 teams that are divided into 8 groups with 4 players in each. Before the Champions League games they compete with each other in a double round-robin scheme. The prizewinners of these 8 games, as well as the teams that took second places proceed to the elimination matches, which culminate with the title fight. This year, the Champions League final is scheduled at May 26th. The match will be conducted at the Olympic National Sports Complex in Kiev.
The history of the competition can boast of a wide range of excellent players. The most promising of them is Real Madrid, which has already gained the upper hand for 12 times and seems to be still moving forward. According to the UEFA Champions League final statistics, the highest amount of victories – 17 wins – has been reached by Spanish teams. The second place in this list belongs to England and Italy: these countries have 12 wins apiece. The UK can boast of the greatest number of different winning clubs, with 5 of them possessing the title of Champions League trophy holders. All in all, there are 22 different teams that have become the champs of the tournament, and 12 of them have gained the upper hand more than once. The current champ of the contest is Real Madrid; the team has successfully defended its 12th title after the loss to Juventus in 2017.

About the Champions League Final 2018

NSC Olimpiysky in Kiev

It will be the crucial match of this year’s championship, the 63rd season of the Europe’s greatest football event, and the 26th season since the competition was rebranded. As we have already mentioned, the final game of European Champions League will be held at the Olimpiyskiy Stadium in the capital of Ukraine. The date – May, 26th 2018 – has been selected in such a way that all sports fans from all over the Globe could watch the most spectacular show in the world of big football. Besides, they can enjoy their Champions League betting, which is even more pleasant and profitable than mere watching the show. This year, the two teams fighting for the main football trophy are the current champion Real Madrid and the second contender for this title Liverpool. Thus, after the UEFA Champions League draw we have a Spanish side and an English side, which have always been the biggest rivals on the football field.

A Couple of Words about the Players

Real Madrid. The defending champions of the competition are doing their best to hold this noble title. They have managed to reach the record 16th final after the match against Bayern Munich. According to the football results of Champions League, the Spanish footballers knocked their enemies out of the competition for the 2nd time already. This year’s game will be the 3rd consecutive final for Real Madrid and the 4th time when the club gets the opportunity to win the record 13th title. The team’s victories date from 1956 to 2017, while the years of its defeats are 1962, 1964, and 1981. Champions League final 2018 will become the 20th game for the club of all the seasonal UEFA tournaments. The team can also boast of the fact that it’s only the 3rd player to reach three finals in a row after the championship’s rebranding. With all these achievements and prospects, it’s no wonder that Real Madrid is looking forward to become the greatest player in the history of the tournament. If the Spanish team wins the Champions League final time in May 2018, it’ll become the 4th player worldwide to gain the upper hand in three crucial games in a successive order.
Liverpool. This player has managed to reach its 8th final after the hard firth against Roma. It’s the first UEFA Champions League final for the club since 2007. However, we can’t say that the British footballers have little chances of winning: they were the championship’s leaders for five times from 1977 to 2005 and lost only twice after the Champions League draw. Liverpool became the 1st player since Bayern Munich to get to the crucial game having qualified for the contest in the play-off round. Besides, it’s the most recent club that managed to hand Real Madrid a loss according to the UEFA Champions League results.
All in all, the two teams met in the final match of the tournament for four times. Liverpool knocked the spots off in 2008-09, while Real Madrid became the champion in 2014-15. Thus, it’s fair to say that the teams’ chances of success are relatively equal.

Champions League Winner Odds and Betting Tips

The current champion of the contest is estimated by most bookmakers at odds of 8/11. Some companies give Real Madrid as much as 4/6. As for Liverpool, this player has odds of 11/10, and you’ll hardly find any other figures with modern bookies. Though, one should bear in mind that the odds tend to change seriously after the Champions League draw and before every game. Besides, bookmakers have enough time to alter their figures, and it’s up to you to monitor their offers. In any case, it’s a good idea to try your luck during this spectacular competition.
Now that you know the Champions League odds, it’s high time to study the history of the two finalists and select the one, which, in your opinion, has the greatest chances of success. The both players seem to be strong enough to gain the upper hand, so it won’t be easy for you to choose. But we are sure that this time you’ll hit the jackpot.