Why are in play betting tips so popular?

In play bettingIntroduction of live betting into the betting industry was a game changer a few years ago. Placing in play betting tips have become massively popular overnight. It offers much more fun and you can get a much higher edge over bookmakers then ever before. In the old days, you just check team or players statistics, their performance from last matches and then just betting prematch, hope for the best.

These days, you can watch teams or players performances online, check their tactics and state of mind realtime and place in play betting tips with much more confidence with these pieces of information. In this article, I wanna show you one very simple in play betting strategy. When you use this strategy correctly, you can beat the bookies and make money on in play betting without any deep knowledge of the sport.

What is in play betting best bookmaker?

Before you bet your first in play betting tips, you need the account at some online booking company. There are hundreds of them on the market. Some of them are great for in play betting, some of them are better for prematch bets. There are some huge companies on the market and you do no mistake when you put your money there and try in play betting with them. To name just a few of them, Betfred, Bwin or Betfair are big players on the betting market and offer the huge amount of in-play betting events.

What sports can you bet on?

Every online betting site has different matches available for in play betting. But most of them are covering most important football leagues (like Premier League in England or Bundesliga in Germany), biggest tennis tournaments (Grand Slams and Master series) and favorite sports in the USA.

What is in play betting best strategy?

Every professional bettor has its own, unique in play betting strategy. There is a lot of them. But developing and testing them could be very expensive and time-consuming. So if you wanna start putting your in play betting tips and don´t spend hundreds of hours (and maybe a lot of money) with testing it, you can use our simple in play betting strategy.

It´s focused on football and goal of this strategy is producing so-called „green bets“. When you made a green bet, it means you bet on all possible outcomes of the match in good odds and you win, no matter what is the final result of the match.

How can we beat bookies with in play betting strategy?

Watching the match and betting

There is a lot of different in play betting systems. We will cover just one of them, so you can try it on your own when you place your first in play betting tips.  But whatever strategy or system you wanna use for live betting, you have to follow some simple money management rules. The basic rule is to don´t risk much money. You should only risk amount of money you can afford to lose without impact on your life.

As a next step, you take this amount of money (let say 100 Euros, it will be you betting bankroll now) and you bet only small part of it on every bet. As a general rule, you should bet no more than 3% of your bankroll on every single bet. Following this simple your, you should be ok when you´ re on a bad run of bets and you lose more of them in the row. On the other side, when everything is running fine, your bets are getting bigger as your bankroll rise up.

So when you start, you bet 3 Euros on your first bet. When you win first few bets and your bankroll rise to 150 Euros, your next bet will be 4,5 Euros (3% from 150 Euros) and so on. This rule is very simple, but it´s necessary to follow it if you´re serious about betting and wanna be successful bettor. These money management rules are important in any kind of online gamble you wanna try (betting, poker, Daily Fantasy Sports,…), but it´s not easy to follow them during live betting.  Action can be fast and furious with live in play betting, so keep this rules in mind and bet carefully.

Betting on a low number of total goals in football

This in play betting system is very simple and easy to follow. You just bet on a low number of goals and wait for odds to get your way. Then bet the second option (higher number of goals) to secure your profit.

For real life example, let´s say you´re watching a football match. It started a few minutes ago and in 15. minute, the score is 0:0. There are odds 1,7 on over 0,5 goal in the first half of the match and odds 2,5 on bet under 0,5 goal in the first half of the match. You see both teams are playing carefully and there is a high chance of low scoring game (or first half, at least). So you see it´s good opportunity to follow this strategy and bet 10Euros on under 0,5 goal with odds 2,5.

You wait for a few minutes (10 minutes should be long enough) and see odds on over 0,5 goal rise up. And when they are over 2, you just can put the second bet on over 0,5 goals to secure profit and make so-called „green bet“.

The amount depends on you, but remember you have 15 Euros profit from the first bet. So you can bet for example 10 Euros on over 0,5 to break even with this bet and let rest (5Euros) be your profit when there is no goal in first half. When there is a goal, you have made no profit with this strategy, but you also covered this option and there is no loss at all. You made a nice green bet, as both yours in play betting tips cover loses and one of them made a nice profit.