What is an accumulator bet and how it can help you win a lot of money

The accumulator bet in a nutshell

Accumulator betsPerhaps betting is one of the most popular types of entertainment for people around the world. For some of them, betting is not only about having fun and hoping to win a few pounds (dollars) while enjoying the sporting performance put out by their favorite teams, it also a way to make decent money. And if you were lucky enough to win a hundred or two, when you would probably look for ways to make even more relatively easy cash. That is when the accumulator bets may come in handy.

This type of gambling, especially the football bet accumulator, is hugely popular among those who like to risk and win more. It is very lucrative, captivating, and hard-to-win at the same time. So, what is the accumulator bet after all?

The accumulator bet implies betting on the outcome of not one but several sporting events simultaneously. This type of betting is far riskier than the ordinary odds betting though it promises incomparably larger profits. The accumulator bet is also known as a parlay bet or simply the “acca”. In order for the accumulator bet to win, the player has to correctly guess the winner of all matches which he/she included in the betting slip. If the gambler fails to guess even one result, the entire bet would be considered as void.

What types of accumulator bets are there?

In order for the bet to be considered as an accumulator one, it has to include four or more selections. However, there are some bookmakers that allow gamblers to make double or triple accumulator bets which are known as the doubles and the trebles.

The four-fold accumulator bet is of the most popular ones among the players as it is the most balanced one. It includes four team selections. Every league has at least four really strong teams which can be regarded as favorites to win in almost every game, except for the derbies where they play against each other. Gamblers often include their so-called banking selections, the team which has the biggest chances of winning, in their four-fold selections. Although it is one of the safest types of accumulator bets, it promises low or lower than average winnings.

The five-fold accumulator is made of five selections. It is a slightly more complicated type of betting with the winning probability of no more than 30%.

The six-fold accumulator implies placing six bets on the slip, and it is designated for the experienced gamblers as winning the fix-fold bet requires plenty of analysis and thinking.

The seven-fold is comprised of seven betting positions and it is definitely beyond the capacity of a rookie gambler.

The eight-fold bet is the mount Everest of accumulator betting as it is the riskiest but the most profitable kind of betting. A single mistake, a wrongfully indicated handicap will cost the player the entire amount of his/her betting slip. Fledgling gamblers shouldn’t even try placing the eight-fold accumulator bets since the chance of winning for an inexperienced player is less than 5%.

There is also a possibility to place an Each-Way accumulator bet with a bookmaker. It is comprised of two bets, particularly the Win and the Place bets. The win bet is made on the presumed winner while the place bet is made with regard to a place that a team or an individual athlete will take in the competition. When speaking about football, the each-way bet accumulator is considered a long-term bet as the gamblers have to correctly predict which team will finish in which place at the end of the season. This kind of accumulator betting is designated only for the ultra-experienced players who have been following this sport for many years and are capable of predicting the results in the long-term perspective. Hopefully, we have provided the answer to the question, “What is the accumulator bet?”, in full.

The pros and cons of bet accumulator

As any type of gambling, bet accumulators have certain positive and negative aspects. However, this kind of betting wouldn’t be so popular if it had more cons than pros. Let’s review them in detail.


  • The accumulator bet allows the gambler to stake a relatively small amount of money and acquire much larger profits compared to the conventional odds betting. The actual winnings with bet accumulators can be twice or three times larger compared to other betting options. Most accumulator betting websites feature a special accumulator calculator
  • The bet accumulators are way more interesting than the ordinary bets because they allow betting on multiple sporting events and matches that take place simultaneously in different leagues or even countries. There are more than 150 matches held during the weekend in the midst of the football season, so the gamblers have an enormous choice of betting options. Besides, it is far more intriguing to follow several sporting events at once, sitting on the edge of the chair all day, hoping that your banking team won’t concede a late goal. The accumulator betting will definitely turn your every weekend into a memorable one, especially if you manage to win an eight-fold bet.
  • If you place your bets right, which means choosing the team that is more than likely to win their matches and going no higher than the four or five-fold bets in you are not a professional gambler, you will have relatively low chances of losing the stake. Analysis and practicality are two main ingredients of successful accumulator betting.
  • People who strive to gain insight into their favorite sport and devote a lot of time to the deep analysis of winning probabilities for each team have more than decent chances of turning accumulator betting into a stable source of income.


  • If even one of the player’s selections fails, he or she will lose the entire stake. This condition makes the game very interesting, though a lot riskier than the ordinary betting. A late goal from the opposing team may ruin the entire parlay.
  • Since the accumulator bets offer really good profits, inexperienced players tend to place insufficiently considered bets that usually entail the loss of the stake. The bet accumulator is not a game of chance, it is the game that requires a lot of forethought and analysis.

The best accumulator betting websites

There is a plethora of gambling website on the Internet that offer the gamblers an opportunity to place the accumulator bets. However, there a few gambling platforms that stand head and shoulders above the rest. One of them is bet365.com, the leading online sports betting website that has the most secure and feature-rich environment. Such platform as Betfair and William Hill are also worth mentioning.

How to place an accumulator bet?

This is one of the most common questions that fledgling gamblers ask. We will give you a brief explanation of how to place an accumulator bet of bet365.com as well as some accumulator bet tips. Once you open the bet365 homepage, you will find the list of all sports available for betting. Choose the sport you are most competent in and proceed to pick the leagues and upcoming matches. Make four to eight selections from the online betting slip. Pres “Set a Bet” and your accumulator bet will be instantly submitted to the bookmaker.

As for the tips, we would advise gamblers to use their analytical skills, refrain from making hasty decisions, and utilize the draw no bet accumulator more. If you are not familiar with this term, the draw no bet accumulator is a special feature that allows gamblers to bet on either win or draw. If the teams draw a match, the particular selection become void though the player still has the chance to win on the remaining positions. In order to opt for draw no bet, it is necessary to tick the corresponding box in the slip. By utilizing this option, the gamblers can significantly increase their chances of winning.