Each Way Bet Explained

Each way BetEach way bet is one of the most popular punts when it comes to horse racing betting. For many bettors, this betting outcome is the easiest one to decide on while predicting the horse races results. You place your bet on a chosen horse to win the competition or at least to place one of the top positions. The number of positions varies from one bookmaker to another, however, it is typically the first three, four or five places. So, what is an each way bet? In other words, it’s a wager which combines two different bets at a time. In the first punt you’re wagering on a horse to win the competition and in the second one, you are betting on the runner to finish the race at one of the leading places. Without any doubts, this type of wager looks more advantageous than a common win bet, doesn’t it? So, let’s look through our blog article with each way bet explained to grasp all the principles of making bets of this type.

How Does an Each Way Bet Work?

Let’s take a look at the example of the each way bet. Suppose you’re going to place a £50 each way bet on your favourite. According to the principles of making such bets, you actually need to place the bet with the total stake of £100. More precisely, you pay £50 for the win part of the wager and £50 for the place part. If your favourite turns out to be first, you’ll get a profit from two pieces of the punt. If the horse finishes the second, third, or fourth, you still get winning, however, in such case, it’ll be slightly lower. Therefore, if you are looking for the answer to the question “what does each way bet mean?”, you want to understand that it’s always a wager with the stake twice higher than supposed to be. With that, the bet of this type always has a higher chance of winning.

When it comes to pricing, most online betting websites offer 1/4 or 1/5 betting odds for each way bet, however, the prices usually vary from bookmaker to bookmaker. In addition, some betting providers can broaden the number of each way places from top three to four or even five positions. So, before calculating profits from your next each way wager, you want to make sure you know all the details of the selected punt. Generally, for small horse-racing competitions, bookmaking companies set only two paid places, while in case of the bigger events there might be four or five places as well.

Likewise, you can take advantage of each way bets in football betting. Suppose you are going to place a £50 each-way bet on England to win the 2018 World Cup or at least to win the silver. Ladbrokes are currently offering 14/1 betting odds, meaning that England’s victory can bring you a profit of £1050; £700 for the win at odds of 14/1 and £350 for placing the second position at 7/1. If England’s national team fail to win the final, i.e. they win only the silver, you’ll get a profit of £300; £350 from the place part of the punt minus the £50 stake lost on England’s win.

When to Use Each Way Bets?

Each Way BetNow you know the answer to the question “what is each way bet?” but you still want to understand when to get benefit from such wagers. Basically, this type of wager is beneficial for punters who are involved in searching for value bets. For example, you can be sure that your favourite will take one of the first places at a tournament, however, you doubt whether he will be the first. This is actually the situation when an each way bet can make the difference. Such a bet will definitely help you to make the most of your sports knowledge and betting skills. Instead of predicting the result directly, you make a reasonable betting decision and insure your main prediction. In other words, you just give yourself more chances to beat the bookie. So, if you don’t want to know the bitterness of defeat, consider placing an each way bet.

Each Way Bet Calculator

Now let’s have a look at how the bets of this type are calculated. There are a lot of websites on the Internet, where you’re able to figure out how much money you can win with a certain stake and chosen online betting website. Such resources typically feature the each way bet calculator — all you need is to input the stake amount and the betting odds in corresponding fields. Apart from calculating the profits, the calculator can be used to compare how the profit may vary depending upon different results. Basically, like in case of a common single or accumulator bet, the bigger the stake, the higher your total return. Therefore, your winning will depend on the selected betting outcome as well as the odds offered by a bookmaking company.

Summoning it up, we’d once again like to note that each way betting is an advantageous technique to be equipped with while betting on horse racing events or outright winners of different sports contests. At big tournaments, even clear favourites usually have quite strong betting odds allowing you to get an exceptionally high return. In such cases, an each way bet might come in handy since it increases the chances of your bet to win. It is also an excellent option to benefit from when you are going to place a punt on a sporting event with hundred percent outsiders and dark horses that can spring a surprise on anyone.