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World Cup 2018 Groups

Now that the World Cup 2018 has finally started, numerous football fans are looking forward to the first results. It’s high time to place a bet on the team that has more chances of winning, in your opinion. It may be Brazil, a bookmakers favourite. Or it may be Germany that triumphs again or Colombia that springs a surprise. Or, maybe, Russia: why not make World Cup 2018 predictions in favour of the host country?

Here you will find the latest odds for the contest. We’ve analyzed the data concerning the groups and made some serious conclusions. Why not use them for your own benefit?

World Cup 2018 Betting

The tournament is scheduled to take place in Russia, from June 14th to July 15th. With so little time left till this biggest sporting event, football fans do their best to study World Cup betting tables and guess who will become the new world champion. The contest is conducted one time in four years, and the fans’ excitement is easy to understand. The football World Cup 2018 will bring together the 32 most promising teams from different parts of the world. They are all divided in 8 groups, which we’ll discuss in detail in this article, so keep reading.

This sporting event promises to be spectacular and exciting for some other reasons. Just imagine the outstanding footballers from Netherlands, Italy, Chile, and the USA fighting for the Planet’s greatest football trophy. It’ll be really hot! In summer 2018, you will have an excellent opportunity to watch Lionel Messi, Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo, and other outstanding sportsmen in the most natural context – competing for the valuable trophy. Spectators from all over the world will have a unique opportunity to witness their magnificent play from the first moment of the tournament to the final referee’s whistle. Watching the soccer World Cup 2018 we’ll surely enjoy miraculous undefeated streaks, fantastic goals, and dramatic moments of the matches.

And, what is even more important and thrilling, we’ll get to know the results of the contest. Naturally, it will not do without surprises: there will be unbelievable comebacks and unexpected knockouts, dramatic spikes and no less dramatic troughs. This is why thousands of fans worldwide are so much interested in World Cup 2018 betting. It’s great to guess the outcome of this important sporting event in a few months before it starts. Today, there are many online bookmakers who offer people an excellent opportunity to earn real money making accurate predictions concerning the results of the competition.

Now it is high time to learn the teams, assess the players’ opportunities, and immerse into the World Cup betting odds. Here, on our website, you’ll find the actual data about the groups, teams, and players in order to make accurate forecasts concerning the results of the tournament.

World Cup Betting Tips from the Best Bookmakers

Let’s see what popular experts say about this sporting event. Are there evident favorites and outsiders? Or, maybe, the World Cup 2018 in Russia promises to be absolutely unpredictable?

This year many teams are in top fighting shape, ready for new achievements and world-class trophies. Brazil and Germany are believed to that have the highest chances to come from behind. Discussing the World Cup winner odds people also often mention France, Spain, and Argentina that follow the two abovementioned countries in the list of the contest’s favorites. As for the teams, which, from the viewpoint of bookmakers, have minimal chances of winning, they include Australia, Iran, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, and Panama. Below you can find World Cup 2018 odds from Bet365, one of the most trusted bookmakers, for the top-15 contenders:

Country World Cup winner odds
Brazil 4 to 1
Germany 9 to 2
Spain 6 to 1
France 7 to 1
Argentina 9 to 1
Belgium 10 to 1
England 16 to 1
Portugal 22 to 1
Uruguay 28 to 1
Croatia 33 to 1
Colombia 40 to 1
Russia 40 to 1
Poland 80 to 1
Denmark 100 to 1
Mexico 100 to 1
Who is going to win the World Cup?

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World Cup Betting Odds: What about the Groups?

Let us consider the key strengths and weaknesses of the teams playing in each Group. It will help us make more precise predictions concerning the results of the championship.

Group A

Relying on the World Cup betting tips, many people consider this Group the weakest competitor in the final stage of the tournament. Here, the central battle will take place when Russia and Uruguay meet on the same field. The latter can boast of number of world-class footballers, including Edinson Cavani and Diego Godin, which makes it the strongest competitor of the quartet. The World Cup 2018 odds predict that Uruguay will progress from the group at the ¼ finals. Thus, the Russians have strong chance to occupy the second line in the table. As for the team from Egypt, it has not participated in such contests for as much as 28 years, so it’ll be quite hard for it to jump into the competition. Discussing the World Cup winner odds, football experts agree that the fourth member of Group A, Saudi Arabia, is a clear outsider among other competitors.

Group B

The World Cup betting odds predict that this Group will be the strongest one. In the match Spain vs. Portugal, you’ll see the greatest number of sporting superstars, such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Andres Iniesta, Diego Costa, and others. The World Cup odds 2018 promise that both teams will do their best to avoid meeting with Uruguay in the round of 16. The third line in the table is more likely to be occupied by the Iranians, though some football World Cup betting predictions don’t rule out the possibility of Morocco’s victory. The fact is that both teams had perfect qualification campaigns and good chances of success, this is why nothing is guaranteed in this quad.

Group C

According to the most relevant World Cup betting tips, France is the clear favorite in this Group. Numerous football fans are looking forward to the match with Kylian Mbappe, Antoine Griezmann, Paul Pogba, and other outstanding French players who will start the campaign against the Australian team. Experts note that the rest members of this Group are notably weaker than the favorite. Thus, the World Cup 2018 odds predict Peru, Australia, and Denmark to have approximately equal chances. There will be a serious fight in Group С for the second and third positions. Yet, most World Cup 2018 predictions give preferences to Danish players, as they had a spectacular qualification round and showed themselves as an extremely disciplined team.

Group D

It is a very unpredictable quarter, with Argentina being an evident favorite among other teams. According to World Cup 2018 betting predictions, this country is one of the obvious favorites to win the tournament. The team has a marvelous line-up and Lionel Messi as the most promising forward. After the “Albiceleste” comes the national team of Croatia with Ivan Perisic and Mario Mandzukic as the most successful players. The World Cup 2018 odds promise that these footballers will cause lots of problems to their rivals, Nigeria and Iceland.

Group E

Most experts and analytics agree that it’s Brazil’s Group. All World Cup odds 2018 describe the national team of this country as the favorite of this quad. Some specialists even expect the Brazilians to become the winners of the forthcoming tournament. According to the World Cup betting odds, the chances that Neymar and Gabi Jesus will easily gain the upper hand are 5 to 1. As for the second place, it’s much more difficult to predict who will take it. Some specialists say that it’ll be Switzerland, as the players of this country seem to be stronger and more disciplined than their opponents. In a number of World Cup betting tips, they say that Costa Rica will spring a surprise on its rivals, as it has already done in Brazil.

Group F

It includes Germany, Mexico, Sweden, and South Korea, with the former being an evident favorite. Looking through the World Cup 2018 odds you will easily notice that this country has a really crushing team and thus high chances to be the first in its quartet. Mexicans seem to be ready to occupy the second place, and many bookmakers expect this nation to become the participant of Round of 16. Ladbrokes, for example, offer 15/8 odds for Germany to become the first one and Mexico the second one  in this group. In many World Cup betting predictions you’ll find out that Sweden has high chances to qualify from the Group, too. It is to be recalled that it has successfully outcompeted Italy in the playoffs and is now a motivated and well-balanced team. According to World Cup winner odds, South Korea is a weak competitor. The chances that it will succeed equal to 250 to 1.

Group G

Here, English footballers will have to face well-known Belgian superstars. In all World Cup 2018 odds and predictions, experts note that both these teams are favorites. On the one side, there are Harry Kane, Jesse Lingard, and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, while on the other hand we’ll enjoy fascinating playing of Eden Hazard, Romelu Lukaku, and Kevin De Bruyne. Thus, different World Cup 2018 predictions offer different results of the fight for the first line in this Group. In the opening match, English footballers will meet on the same field with Tunisia. The latter, according to most experts, has no chances to go further. Panama’s World Cup 2018 odds are not high either: bookmakers give this team only 15/2 odds to qualify from the Group.

Group H

Considering the World Cup betting odds you’ll easily see that this Group is difficult to predict. There is Colombia with Radamel Falcao who is ready to show outstanding playing, and Senegal with Sadio Mane who is always ready to cut his opponents down to size. The authors of numerous World Cup betting predictions emphasize that Colombians have a solid experience, this is why they are likely to occupy the first line in this quad. Besides, there is Japan with Shinji Kagawa who is sure to help his team advance from the Group. Reading numerous World Cup betting tips, you can find the predictions that Poland will get the second place, while Senegalese will be the third. But who can tell which prognosis is the most accurate?

How to Make Accurate Predictions at Football World Cup 2018

World Cup 2018 CountriesYou may be well aware of all the specifics of football betting and even might have already learnt some football betting tips we shared earlier. Still, to bet successfully on World Cup, you’ll have to do some profound research. Here are some pieces of advice from the most successful bookmakers from all over the world. Follow these easy tips, and you’ll be able to increase your prize pool in the 2018 tournament:

1. Study the players’ shape

It’s very important to take into account the way your favorite teams are gearing up for the forthcoming sporting event. In order to succeed in World Cup betting, try to pay special attention to the physical form of the best players in the teams you are going to bet on. For instance, you may want to make predictions for the Germany vs. Switzerland match in the round of 16. If the former team loses Manuel Neuer, one of its best footballers, Germany’s chances to win the World Cup 2018 will dramatically decrease. The same may happen when Mesut Ozil does not go balls to the wall and Mats Julian Hummels is suspended. In such cases, placing your bets on Switzerland is a far better idea. And vice versa, if you support the Swiss team, but see that it has no players to boast of in front of Timo Werner and other outstanding German footballers, it may be better for you to reconsider your World Cup betting plan.

2. Analyze the teams’ history

It’s stupid to neglect statistics, which can be very helpful to those who want to get rich with sports betting. Before you make World Cup 2018 predictions, take some time to study championship statistics. Take a close look at the results of the latest matches, both international and domestic. For instance, if you decide between Argentina and Nigeria, you should study the latest achievements of both teams and find out how successful they were over the last years. In order to succeed in World Cup 2018 betting, take the trouble to look through the results of the chosen team against other countries from the opponent’s zone. In our case, with Argentina and Nigeria, we see that Messi and his teammates have already lost several times this year. Moreover, drawing World Cup 2018 predictions, be sensible of the fact that Argentina hardly ever wins against African players.


3. Consider the context of the competition

Looking through the World Cup odds 2018, do not forget to take into account all the additional factors that can influence the results of the tournament. For instance, you should remember that in this competition there are two rounds: a group phase, in which the teams get points, and a knockout stage, in which the competitors play for elimination. To place accurate bets at the World Cup 2018 in Russia, you’ll need to differentiate between these two parts of the contest. Consider the ranking of each group and make wise conclusions. If you see that after the first two days of the competition, the Spanish team ranks first in its group with 6 points and a large difference in goals, while the Portuguese players are second with only 3 points, and Iranian and Moroccan footballers have only one point, do not hurry to make high World Cup betting that the Spaniards will win at a canter against Moroccans. In the final match of the round, the former will be certain of their qualification, which often weakens even the best players. And as for the sportsmen from Morocco, they will play the game of all their life and strain every sinew to show the best results possible. Give it a second thought before you make World Cup 2018 predictions in favor of Spain.

One of the most anticipated championships has already started, but you still have one month to study all the World Cup betting predictions and make accurate conclusions. Do not hesitate to plunge into this thrilling and mysterious World of Big Football.

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